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April 26, 2019

Leave the Kids at Home: Six Fun Things to Do During Adult Only Vacations

Do you remember the last time you spent time together alone? It’s time to leave cartoon marathons, parent-teacher conferences, and carpooling behind for adult only vacations in the seductive Dominican Republic. Let the tropical beaches, crystal-clear waters, and friendly vibe lure you to the shores of the Caribbean. Discover six fun things you can do without the kids!

Savor Fine Dining At Its Finest

Plenty of valuable time together is spent over the family table. But even the most dedicated parents deserve a brief escape from chaotic dinners of macaroni and cheese. Choose from an irresistible variety of delectable dining options at all-inclusive V Collection Resorts. Everything you want to eat and drink at the resort is covered, so you can just enjoy the moment. From vast buffet breakfasts to upscale sit-down dinners, there are plenty of appealing options.

Do you prefer casual fare? Share a brick oven pizza and a few cold beers. Are you health-conscious? Have a snack wrap or a frothy juice concoction on the way from a workout at the gym. You don’t have to think about what anyone else wants during your adult escape! Appreciate fine dining for two, complete with candlelight and wine. Feast on continental favorites, grilled seafood, and international specialties including Mexican, Dominican, and Italian. Savor the experience, knowing you won’t have to clean up and tuck the kids into bed to grab a romantic moment.

Share a Salty Kiss at the Beach

With romance in mind, parents often postpone spending time together to take care of things the kids need. Relationships need attention to grow and thrive. During adult only vacations, parents rediscover a sense of freedom and passion. The warm sand, abundant sun, and sparkling waters create an idyllic backdrop for romance. Run along the shore in your swimsuits, holding hands and laughing like newlyweds. Share a salty kiss at the beach – after all, nobody is watching!

Reconnecting starts with a kiss then grows throughout your stay at easy-going V Collection Resorts. The hip atmosphere and relaxed vibe are ideal for letting go of your usual routine. Live for the moment, with everything you need at your fingertips. Dare to indulge yourselves by snuggling in bed together until the late morning after partying all night. Do all the things you can’t do when you return home to the kids! You’ll giggle privately together about the memories for a long time to come.

Appreciate the Sound of Silence

A house with kids is always alive with sights, sounds, and activities. Parents wonder if they’ll get a peaceful moment before bedtime – and usually, the answer is no. While parents embrace these routines, they also long to have some quiet time together. An adult vacation gives you a golden opportunity to rediscover – and appreciate – the sound of silence. With endless beaches and a breathtaking natural environment, there are countless places to escape

Sip a welcoming cocktail upon arrival then settle into your comfortable accommodations. Kick back at a resort designed for adults only. Go kayaking to get closer to the water and nature without making noise. Stroll along the white sandy beach, listening to the subtle sounds of sea birds and waves lapping at the shore. By the time you return home, you’ll look forward to hearing the din of your kids!

Slow Dance Under the Stars

Raising kids takes time, energy, love, and dedication. Often parents sink into bed at night and fall asleep within minutes, leaving little time for grown-up interaction. Going out for a couple of hours requires preparation to hire a babysitter and make reservations to ensure a successful date night. Parents love the spontaneity during adult only vacations in the Dominican Republic. The friendly environment with an understated party vibe brings out the playful side of adults.

Play an animated game of beach volleyball with enthusiastic strangers. Take a late afternoon swim then watch the sun melt into the horizon. Share cocktails by the beach while you sway to the sounds of a live band. Let the rhythm bring you both to your feet to slow dance under the stars and relive the moment you fell in love.

Drink, Laugh, Repeat

Do you remember the days of going out for a few drinks with friends after a long week at work? After getting married and having kids, this time is usually spent shuttling kids to dance lessons and baseball games. While this opens up a whole new world of enjoyment, sometimes it’s fun to relive some of the partying days of the past. The party never ends at V Collection Resorts. Join in whenever you feel ready for a great time!

Enjoy unlimited wine, beer, cocktails, and soda throughout the day and night. Never worry about paying for drinks at the resort because it’s all included in your stay. Drink, laugh and repeat until you both say when. While you’d never do it with the kids around, you can take the mood up a few notches during an adult vacation!

Adventures to Remember

Safety is a primary concern for parents. Some activities might be off-limits to keep the little ones safe. During an adult getaway, parents can explore their sense of adventure with total abandon. Whether that means sleeping until noon and sampling regional cuisine or challenging the Caribbean surf, you’ll find what you want to do at V Collection Resorts!

Party like rock stars then wake up and start again. Grab a couple of boogie boards and hit the surf. Plan a day trip, such as whale watching or exploring the incredible waterfalls of the Dominican Republic. Make sure to take lots of selfies to keep reliving your adventures!

When you’re finally ready to leave the kids home, make it worth the separation by heading to adults-only V Collection Resorts. Experience romance, adventure, excitement, and joy that rejuvenates your one-on-one relationship. After doing it once, you’re sure to want to come back for more!