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Best Bachelor Party Destinations

October 16, 2018

Seven Amenities at the Best Bachelor Party Destinations in the Caribbean

Getting married is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. The romance and wonder of spending eternity together are fantastic. Before making this major life decision, it feels good to celebrate the last days of being single. Let your wedding party know the seven amenities at the best bachelor party destinations in the Caribbean.
Wet Your Whistle

It wouldn’t be a bachelor party without plenty of cocktails for everyone. At V Collection Resorts you’ll receive a welcome cocktail to kick off the fun. Then the mixed drinks and wine flow freely throughout your stay. There’s no tipping or hidden fees during an all-inclusive cost vacation – it’s all covered in the price you paid. And if you choose not to imbibe, plenty of other beverages are available to wet your whistle.

Irresistible, International Gastronomy

Men work up a hunger having the time of their lives at a bachelor party. Feast on irresistible international gastronomy throughout the day and night. Choose from a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes. Nibble on snacks anytime you feel a hunger pang. Dare to be different and sit down to a bachelor party tea, complete with tea and finger foods. Feel indulged and refreshed when you bite into fresh fruit served by the beach and pool. Are you worried about packing on the pounds before your big day? Choose from an array of tasty options at the low-fat food corner.

Hip Accommodations

Your last getaway with your best friends is sure to be action-packed. Everyone needs an inviting room where you can sleep, shower, and unwind in total comfort. Appreciate hip accommodations at V Collection Resorts. And there is free parking for travelers who stay at the resort and decide to rent a car. Take the bachelor party festivities to the next level at one of our adults-only resorts in the Dominican Republic. Check out the cool amenities at Viva Wyndham V Samaná in Las Terrenas or Viva Wyndham V Heavens in Puerto Plata.

Chill Out in the Caribbean

The heat is on at the celestial Caribbean beaches, a heavenly way to spend your final single days. Chill out on the beach with soft sand under your feet and salt on your lips from an ocean dip. Unwind by the swimming pool in a lounge chair while you contemplate life. Sink into a bubbly Jacuzzi and feel every part of your body relax. Head to the sauna to sweat it out for a while and experience its rejuvenating benefits to your body.

Workout in the Caribbean

Staying in the captivating Caribbean doesn’t have to disrupt your usual workout routine. You’ll find plenty of ways to stay fit during your extended bachelor party at V Collection Resorts. Visit the gymnasium to pump some iron and exercise. Practice your backhand on lighted tennis courts. Get a kick out of playing on the resort soccer field. Join a game of beach volleyball or bocce ball. Grab a few bicycles and explore the beauty of the natural world around you while you feel the burn in your legs from a long ride.

Experience Adventures of a Lifetime

A bachelor party is also about making memorable moments. Experience the adventures of a lifetime when you stay at the resort. Harness the power of the wind by going sailing or windsurfing. Hop into a canoe or kayak to row into the remote corners of the local waterfront area. Take introductory dive lessons to learn how to check out the depth of the waters in the Caribbean. There are amazing discoveries under the surface of the sea! After an active day, it’s time to party all night. Visit the discotheque, soak up some live entertainment, and sway to the music while you sip your favorite drink. It’s the ultimate indulgence!

Bring Something New to the Table

Marriage is about bringing something new to the table to learn from each other and keep falling in love again. Show your partner you are ready to go an new adventure together. Become a master mixologist at cocktail preparation classes. Serve up something mouthwatering to your special someone by taking a cooking class. Take over the dance floor at your wedding reception after dance lessons at the resort. Improve your body by working out with a trainer at the gym. Bring a sense of zen into your relationship after going to a couple of yoga and meditation classes.

Make magic moments happen when you choose one of the best bachelor party destinations in the Caribbean. V Collection Resorts knows what you need to have an unforgettable time on the most scintillating beaches in the world.