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Best Vacation Spots for Couples

August 10, 2018

Celebrate Romance in Paradise at the Best Vacation Spots for Couples

It’s easy to get caught up in humdrum daily routines. Your life is full of responsibilities, and they often take over our world. After months or years of riding this treadmill, couples need some time away on their own. Take time to rekindle the flames of your passion. Celebrate romance in paradise at the best vacation spots for couples.


Hip Environment

Arrive at a hip environment with the aura of elegance. V Collection resorts are always inviting and all-inclusive. The pleasures of paradise have never been more accessible. All you need to think about during the stay is each other. No work, no cleaning, no interruptions. Stare into the eyes of your lover without the distraction of any other person or situation. The first step to a romantic encounter is paying attention to your lover without distractions. Sink into a bubbling Jacuzzi and feel your stresses melt away. Take a mixology class and sip your intoxicating creations. Romance comes in so many forms!


Stunning Beaches

Appreciate an oceanfront resort nestled among the most stunning beaches on the globe. Experience the magical transformation of the seductive Caribbean sun. Silky sands and sultry saltwater waves create the ultimate playground for couples. Hold hands as you walk along the shore and appreciate a majestic sunset. Sip margaritas as you lounge around by the pool. Test the waters in a canoe for two while you explore the private corners of the Caribbean. Grab a couple of boogie board and laugh while you ride the waves. Play golf on a picturesque course then share a romantic meal for two. The beach is the perfect place for lovers!


Delectable Dining and Flowing Drinks

A simple dinner for two is one of the most wonderful ways to share a romantic moment. Choose from a variety of settings and food choices, based on your personal preferences and mood. Everything is cooked for you, so it’s almost as fresh and tasty as the love you share. And never get thirsty for something special free-flowing drinks throughout your stay. From a mimosa in the morning to a cordial before bed, libations are available anytime want them. And when you’re ready to party, head to the club for dancing, live entertainment, and good times for two!


Scintillating Spa Experiences

Nothing relieves stress and brings couples together better than a relaxing spa experience. Appreciate award-winning spa services at the attentive V Collection resorts. Schedule massages, manicures, pedicures, and more. Get pampered and feel extra worthy and attractive. These sensual vibes draw you together to celebrate your love in passionate ways. It all starts with taking care of yourself so you can take care of one another. The best vacation spots for couples offer everything you both crave to feel fabulous and experience the wonder of being in love.


Creating Magical Memories

The memories a couple share build a past, present, and future they treasure. Make memories during your escape to a romantic resort in the Dominican Republic. Explore the endless beauty of Viva Wyndham V Samaná in Las Terrenas or Viva Wyndham V Heavens in Puerto Plata. Try adventures you never experienced before. Dare to laugh louder, sing more, and kiss with greater passion than ever before. Dance in the moonlight by the water. Share a meal and sip your favorite drinks while you embrace in the captivating Caribbean. Pick up the easy-going vibe at V Collection resorts and take it with you when you go home. Every time you look at each other, smile to revive the love you shared during your incredible trip for two to paradise.


It’s All About Both of You

The honey-do list continues to grow. The bathroom needs to be scrubbed. Overgrown lawns and kids with packed schedules fill your days and nights. During an all-inclusive getaway to the Caribbean, it’s all about both of you – and nobody else. Forget about lists and schedules. Tap into the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic and rediscover your feelings of love. When everything else is gone, you can finally revel in each other. It’s a golden opportunity to share moments of uninterrupted passion and pleasure!

You’ll remember how fantastic you felt long after you leave one of the best vacation spots for couples. Treasure these memories until you can book your next passion-packed