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Break the Routine! 3 Day Vacation Ideas for Adventurous Singles

November 26, 2019

Break the Routine! 3 Day Vacation Ideas for Adventurous Singles

The daily grind becomes tiring, so it can feel invigorating to take a break from daily routines. Planning a getaway to the Caribbean is an easy way to enjoy a refreshing change of pace. Singles looking for adventure depend on V Collection Resorts n the Dominican Republic to deliver results with a beach party that never ends – jump in when you’re ready! Consider one or more of these incredible 3-day vacation ideas for adventurous singles.

The Endless Beach Party

Few people can resist the idea of an endless beach party. The thought of having toes in the sand and an icy drink in hand bring together fun-loving singles from around the globe to party at all-inclusive V Collection resorts. The beach soiree never ends, and singles blend into the fun upon arrival. Sway to the tropical beats, feel the rhythm of the Caribbean take over, and let the good times begin!

Sip on beer and wine while you enjoy snacks and lounge by the shore. Go swimming, kayaking, and boogie boarding to experience the power of the Caribbean seas firsthand. Join a beach volleyball game in progress and get to know some attractive partygoers then meet them up later for drinks. It’s all there for the taking during an all-inclusive singles getaway to V Collection Resorts.

Culinary Delights in the Dominican Republic

Partying, adventuring and drinking all make vacationers want to eat. Never feel a hunger pang during your stay at all-inclusive singles resorts. Feast on snacks, buffets and sit-down meals throughout the day. No reservations are required for elegant evening dining, complete with wine and cocktails. Choose from local and continental cuisine and ask about special accommodations for dietary restrictions before booking a trip.

The delicious dishes keep on coming, with skilled chefs preparing an array of tantalizing selections that will please the pickiest palates. Foodies who want to bring flavor home can take a culinary class to learn how to make one of their favorite vacation meals.

Sunrise Yoga By the Sea

Exercising is an integral part of many singles’ lives. Often, they are concerned about keeping up with fitness during a 3-day getaway. At V Collection Resorts, singles have access to a variety of physical activities, including a gym and fitness classes. A regular fitness routine is one routine nobody has to break!

Yoga classes at either resort help vacationers maintain their fitness goals while achieving inner balance and peace. Soak up a sunset with asanas to welcome a new day. Take a sunrise yoga class by the sea to experience health and wellness with an exceptional view!

Diving Into Underwater Wonders

Explore a whole new dimension during a Caribbean singles vacation by taking diving lessons. Learn how to swim with the fishes and observe the beauty of what exists below the sea. Dive into the depths to see the wonders for yourself.

For those who might not be ready to go deep, snorkeling is an excellent way to get a taste of underwater life. Watch colorful fish swim through green plants while you coast along in shallow waters. Bring an underwater camera to capture the view and take home memories you’ll share and treasure for years to come.

Let the Games Begin

Singles looking to mingle and get their game on will find everything they want at V Collection resorts. Practice your backhand during an animated set of tennis. Join a game of ping pong in progress and then challenge your opponent to another match over a few beers or cocktails. From beach volleyball to golf, there are countless games to consider during a three day stay in the Caribbean.

Best of all, happy hour never ends during the stay because all the drinks are included with your stay. Whenever anyone feels thirsty, there’s an option to quench the thirst. Choose from an impressive selection of delicious cocktails crafted by master mixologists designed to reflect the local flavor. Take in a show, go dancing, and party all night until dawn. Return to the room for rest, then start all over again. That’s what singles vacations are all about!

These are just a few of the fantastic three day vacation ideas for adventure-seeking singles. Get ready for hiking, biking, kayaking, partying and forging new ground during a fun-loving escape to V Collection Resorts! All-inclusive pricing means everything you want to eat, do and drink during the stay is covered. It’s a carefree way to enjoy single life!