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Dinner Ideas for Two

July 19, 2019

Delicious Dinner Ideas for Two: Romantic Cuisine in the Caribbean

Traveling is an opportunity to experience enticing tastes, textures, sights, sounds, and aromas. One of the best ways to delve into another culture is by trying all types of cuisine. Sharing romantic meals creates lasting memories in an exotic travel destination such as the Dominican Republic. Discover delicious dinner ideas for two during your all-inclusive stay at V Collection resorts in the Caribbean.

Carefree Dinning in the Dominican Republic

Couples enjoy upscale, yet lighthearted dining at all-inclusive V Samaná and V Heavens adults-only resorts. Order à la carte at one of the fine on-site restaurants. Choose from a wide selection of culinary sensations, including ethnic favorites. No reservations are required, and you can also enjoy 24-hour room service – which is included in the all-inclusive price! And librations flow freely at the beach, pool, restaurants, and dance club where you’ll find creative concoctions mixed with your favorite spirits. With plenty of decadent dinner ideas for two, your biggest decision is what to try first!

Delightful Dinner Ideas for Two at V Samaná

Couples staying at beautiful V Samaná resort enjoy a variety of mouthwatering options. Discover the tastiest meal options in the Caribbean, from casual dining to candlelight dinners for two.

Daytime Dining at Le Marché

The sunny Caribbean days beckon couples to stroll hand-in-hand in the sand while they soak up the sun and dive into the crystal waters to cool off. After walking, swimming, and sunning, you’re both sure to have a healthy appetite. Le Marché is the ultimate place for daytime dining, including those who appreciate a light, early dinner. Check out the specialty stations in this market-style dining venue. Feast on pizza, pasta, salads, and sandwiches and more as you enjoy your evening in paradise.

Chill Out at the Juice Bar

Not ready for a formal dining experience? Head to the Juice Bar, an oceanfront beach bar offering an array of snacks. Want something special? Sink your teeth into our saucy brick oven pizza while you sip drinks and appreciate an awesome ocean view for two.

Magnificent Mediterranean Specials at Las Terrenas

Mediterranean cuisine is known to be flavorful and healthy, the perfect way to fortify yourselves after an action-packed day in the Dominican Republic. Share meals with a Mediterranean flair, ranking from a crispy Greek salad with feta cheese to pasta served with spinach. Remember to ask the waiter about Mediterranean specials of the day with a tasty local flair!

Viva Vivaz!

Having too much fun in the sun? Grab a healthy, on-the-go snack at Vivaz, a shady spot by the beach. Even if you forget about dinner, you’ll be satisfied with a fresh wrap, hearty sandwich, or fresh salad.

Fantastic Meals at Fusion

Fusion brings couples together for romantic meals in the Caribbean. The restaurant lives up to its name with a dizzying array of dinner ideas for two. Appreciate a wide range of international dishes and creative menu options from lands around the world. Who knew you could enjoy authentic Asian, Italian, and other flavors during your stay in the Dominican Republic?

By the Sea at Mar y Fuego

Seafood is for lovers, especially when you share an appetizer of oysters with champagne until you say when! If you crave fresh fish, the best dinner ideas for two are at Mar y Fuego. Appreciate grilled-to-order seafood in a relaxing environment that inspires romance.

The Most Romantic Meals at V Heavens

During an all-inclusive stay, couples simply pay and play in paradise. Meal and cocktails are included, so leave your wallets behind for a decadent dining experience without worrying about a bill at the end!

Early Meals at V Kitchen

Those who prefer to eat earlier in the day can head to V Kitchen, the place for daytime cuisine. Graze the lunch buffet with a selection of dishes that are sure to please any palate. A large lunch served late in the day may keep you full through dinnertime – which means plenty of time and energy for other after-hours adventures!

Get Together at Blend

Experience a fusion of exciting flavors at Blend, the hot spot for international cuisine. Sample one of the creative and new specialties. Just ask for a recommendation from your dedicated server. Dare to mix it up a little and try something spicy during your adventurous stay in the Caribbean!

Everyone Feels Italian at Rosmarino

Whether you’re Italian or have a passion for the food, Rosmarino is the ultimate place for original interpretations of your favorite Italian dishes. Enjoy a picturesque view with candlelight and wine while you share pasta, parmigiana, and other mouthwatering cuisines.

Spice It Up at Puebla 222

If you’re missing tacos and nachos, look no further than Puebla 222. Take your desire for Mexican cuisine to the next level with regional favorites of Mexico served with style at V Heavens.

Local Flair at Sofrito

The Dominican Republic is internationally renowned for its delicious cuisine. Sink your teeth into authentic favorites with a local flair at Sofrito. With a menu created by Dominican Chef Tita, couples can embark on a culinary journey bursting with scents, flavors, and incredible possibilities made with chicken, fish, and a burst of unique tastes that make you want more.

There are countless dinner ideas for two during your adults-only stay at V Collection resorts. Bring your sense of adventure and a healthy appetite to share some of the tastiest and most romantic meals in the Caribbean!