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Fun Beach Games for Adults: Sand Volleyball and More in the Caribbean!

October 25, 2019

Fun Beach Games for Adults: Sand Volleyball and More in the Caribbean!

At an adults-only paradise in the Dominican Republic, you can take playtime to the next level with fun beach games for adults, such as sand volleyball. Everything is all-inclusive for a carefree experience.

Sand, Sun, and Fun

Just the act of arriving to the beach at one of  V Collection’s adults-only all-inclusive resorts can be an exhilarating experience.  Soft sand, warm water, and sultry sunshine await you at the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic. Swimming, sunbathing and lounging with an icy drink are all favorite pastimes you won’t want to miss!

Practice Your Serve

Few beach games for adults are more popular than sand volleyball. Practice your serve when you dive into a set of volleyball already in progress. Feel the excitement all around you as people play to win. Either way, nobody loses during a carefree beach vacation at V Collection resorts!

Let’s Do the Limbo

Do you know how low you can go? Walking under a limbo stick is easier said than done, especially as the rod gets lowered. Add some reggae or tropical music, then get started. If you touch the stick in any way, or if you fall, you’re instantly disqualified. Do you think you can be the last one to limbo? Either way, it’s sure to make you laugh!

Beer Pong on the Beach

Drinking games and adult games on the beach go hand-in-hand when you and your friend play beer pong on the beach. All it takes is two or more people who enjoy an ice-cold brew by the sea. Get some ping pong balls and cups, set the cups in two mirroring triangles, split into teams and try to get a ball into the opposing team’s cups. If you make one in, they must drink from that cup. When one side has no cups left, they lose – but they are sure to feel good along the way!

Beach Ball Bonanza

Few things say “a day at the beach” more than a big, striped ball, inflated for plenty of action in the sand. Toss it around over the sand and in the sea – From young kids to retired tourists, all are sure to enjoy this simple game. Want to make it more challenging? Play hot potato with the beach ball to heat up your beach party!

Beach Blanket Bingo

Who says you need formal seating to play musical chairs? All it takes is a few blankets, fun-loving people and plenty of energy and enthusiasm. Play by the same rules as musical chairs, only lie down on the sheets rather than sitting down in a seat. Want to take good times on a blanket in the sand to the next level? Play a game of Twister on the beach!

Dance on the Sand

A beach party is an ultimate way to celebrate your stay in the Caribbean. Dare to dance on the sand, sip cocktails until dawn and mingle with attractive new friends. The drinks, food, and fun keep coming until you say when – it’s all included during your stay at adults-only V Collection resorts!

Exercising is healthy for the body, mind, and soul at any age. Sand volleyball, dancing and more are beach games for adults that keep everyone laughing and moving. Go beyond the sand with plenty of watersport activities for adventure seekers who can’t wait to feel the wind in their hair and saltwater on their lips!