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Going on an Adventure

August 10, 2018

The Carefree Joys of Going on an Adventure for Adults Only

The persistent din of children, co-workers, neighbors, and salespeople permeate your day. Sometimes you want to turn it all off but can’t find a switch! Now there’s a way escape into an alluring world designed especially for grown-ups. Discover the carefree joys of going on an adventure for adults only – no kids or naysayers allowed!


Leave the Hassles Behind

Mailboxes stuffed with bills and periodicals with landlines and cell phones abuzz. To-do lists seem to double as you cross out each item. The relentless demands on your time usurp your energy and leave you with little for yourself. It’s time to put all the hassles behind you for a while. Escape to a place filled with the sounds of lapping waves on the shore and seabirds flying overhead. Swap out whining kids and bosses for party people with a relaxed vibe. Head to a hip spot with elegant surroundings where you don’t have to cook, clean or work. Just kick back, unwind, and have never-ending good times. All you need is that special someone or a group of fun-loving friends to share this exclusive adults-only experience.


Dive Into Decadent Delights

Going on an adventure means seizing the opportunity to dive into decadent delights. All-inclusive getaways at V Collection resorts put everything at your fingertips. Party on the beaches, feast on tasty cuisine, enjoy waterfront activities and sip cocktails while you soak up a majestic sunset. Sway to the sounds of the music while you laugh with friends and lovers. Breathe in the pleasures of the delightful Dominican Republic at Viva Wyndham V Samaná and Viva Wyndham V Heavens. Arrive to a complimentary welcome cocktail. Choose your favorite dishes, made to order at one of the resort eateries. Engage in a wide variety of sports and activities. All you want or need is waiting for you in paradise.


Shed Your Inhibitions

Are you planning a girlfriends’ getaway? Want to have the bachelor party of a lifetime? Can’t wait to go away with your fave couples, sans the kids? Make it happen at the V Collection resorts. Forget responsibilities, shed your inhibitions, and dare to go a little bit wild during your stay. After all, the sophisticated surroundings are designed for adults-only. Dance on the beach all night and sleep until noon. Graze endless buffets and forget to count calories. Sip mouthwatering cocktails while you lounge by the pool or beach. Party like a rock star and have no regrets!


Scamper Like a Child in Paradise

Sometimes you forget to take care of yourself with all the other stuff on your plate. When you arrive at V Collection resorts in the Dominican Republic, you can rediscover the child within. Scamper like an excited kid in paradise with all the slightly sinful pleasures of being an adult. It’s the best of both worlds, and you can have it all!


Enjoy Adult Conversation and Activities

After hours of children’s play dates and TV shows, you find yourself singing the theme song to “Sesame Street.” If you can’t remember any lyrics to pop songs or only talk to kids all day, it’s time to dive into a carefree world. At V Collection resorts, you can engage in adult conversation. Enjoy live entertainment meant for grown-ups only. Appreciate activities you don’t have an opportunity to participate in at home. It’s time to go with no hesitation or judgments!


Do It Again and Again!

You forgot how awesome it feels to be a pampered adult. And you don’t want your getaway to paradise to end. While all good things must come to an end, it doesn’t have to be forever. Now that you recognize the need for adult getaways remember to take time for yourself. Fortunately, V Collection resorts are always waiting for you. Now that you know the hottest spots to be a grown-up do it again and again! Each time you return, you regain a little piece of your adult self. And you’ll make magical memories you want to add to every opportunity you get. Embrace the peace of mind and bring the sense of calm home, so it’s easier to face your daily routine.

All work and no play makes Jack and Jane dull to be around. You deserve the free-flowing enjoyment of going on an adventure for adults only. Try kitesurfing, sing at the top of your lungs, and run along the shore of the most scenic beaches in the world. Grab a few cool people, book your trip, and appreciate the all-inclusive environment where your every desire is there for the taking.