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How to Paddle Board

January 16, 2019

Learn How to Paddle Board During An All-Inclusive Adults Getaway

Paddleboarders always seem well-balanced and appear to be at one with nature. Watching them glide across the water with ease looks appealing yet impossible. Fortunately, people of all ages and backgrounds participate in this incredible water sport. Learn how to paddle board during an all-inclusive adult getaway to the Dominican Republic, an international center for some of the best beach activities in the world!

Why is the Dominican Republic the Perfect Destination for Paddle Boarding?

Are you looking for miles of golden sand with blue water beaches? Look no further than the central coast of the Dominican Republic, at Viva Wyndham V Heavens in Playa Dorada. Would you prefer the seclusion of pristine beaches near rolling hills? Visit Viva Wyndham V Samaná, which borders the town of Las Terrenas, a Mediterranean-influenced oasis. Either way, its the ideal backdrop to learn how to paddle board! And this is one of the many exciting water sports included in your all-inclusive getaway.

What is Paddle Boarding and How Do You Get Started?

Some people get confused when they see someone on a board that resembles a surfboard – but they are standing on calm water and rowing rather than riding tumultuous waves. A person learns how to stand on the board and row, gliding through the water like no other water sport. And paddleboard enthusiasts also use it to go touring, fishing, do yoga, wake surf, and even surf on the board. There are riders of all ages, sizes, and levels of athletic ability. All it takes is the right board and the desire to experience the water in a refreshing new way!

Stand Up to the Caribbean Sea

Paddleboarding is an integral part of the fun at all-inclusive beach resorts. Vacationers get help to learn which board to use and how to ride it. Then they are ready to stand up to the Caribbean sea on their own! Beginners typically prefer quiet areas while experienced paddle boarders may resemble dedicated surfers because they easily navigate rougher tides. Many people decide to continue this hobby after they return home. It’s the ultimate way to explore new and familiar outdoor spaces!

Gliding Along With Ease

One of the many reasons people go paddleboarding is the peaceful connection they feel with nature. Riders use a board, paddle, the force of the water, and their own strength to glide through the sea with ease. Standing on the board provides a totally different view of the water and landscapes. A rider can look down to see fish swimming in the water under the board. As the paddleboarder skims the surface of the water, they have a feeling of freedom and confidence like no other. Suddenly, they become a part of the wild world around them – and it feels amazing!

Experience the Wonders of the Waterfront World

Imagine everything you could see, hear, touch, and experience when you become a natural part of the waterfront world. Watching the water from the shore is nothing like navigating it yourself. Riding the paddle board is much different than rowing a boat or going on a motorized craft. Paddleboarders are not disrupting the wildlife with their presence. This quiet environment gives riders a unique opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural habitat.

Dare to Do it Again – And Again!

Once people get started, they can’t wait to go paddle boarding again! It only takes a couple of hours to master the basic concept of riding the board. With continued practice, people can learn to ride the waves, and make long journeys on the water. It all starts during an all-inclusive adult getaway to the breathtaking Dominican Republic! From paddle boarding to diving and mixing master cocktail, discover your passion during an escape to V Collection Resorts.

The Unsung Benefits of Paddle Boarding

Besides an incredibly good time, paddleboarding also helps people to unwind and relax. Few people can resist the soothing appeal of a leisurely cruise on the Caribbean sea. Plus, paddleboarding provides an excellent full-body workout including your arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes, and legs. And it gives people a better sense of balance, which carries into how they stand, walk, and move in their daily lives.

Have you been eager to learn how to paddle board? It’s time to schedule an adults-only getaway to all-inclusive Viva Wyndham V Samaná or Viva Wyndham V Heavens. Head to the picturesque Dominican Republic where you can learn to glide through the water and discover a hobby to enjoy for a lifetime. Plus, there are plenty of other exciting beach activities to try during your stay!