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Las Terrenas Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas Dominican Republic

September 27, 2018

Six Ways Adults Have Fun in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic

A Caribbean travel opportunity opens up a world of wonderful possibilities for adventure, fun, and relaxation. Taking time away helps people reboot and regain focus when they return to their regular routines. Discover six ways to have fun at the adults-only beachfront V Collection Resort located in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic.

Party All Night and Sleep All Day

If you can’t remember the last time you partied like a rock star, it’s been too long. It’s time to enjoy the more exceptional things in life. Visit one of four restaurants for upscale dining and beverage service. Feast on an impressive array of fresh and irresistible dishes. Sip tantalizing cocktails made with brand-name liquors. Listen to live music and appreciate a variety of entertainment options. Dance for hours with that special someone while you make dreamlike memories. Forget the clock and have fun until the sun comes up. Sleep for a little while then let the good times begin again at Viva Wyndham V Samaná.

Experience Waterfront Adventures

Let the child within come out to play during an adults-only getaway to the decadent Dominican Republic. Skip along the shore of some of the most beautiful beaches on the globe. Look out at the Caribbean sea and consider the possibilities for adventure. Dive in and take a swim in the azure waters. Climb into a kayak to explore the far corners of the Dominican Republic you can’t reach on foot. Find your balance and feel the wind in your hair during a paddleboard ride. Catch a wave on a boogie board. Just add water and have the time of your life!

Focus on Fitness and Well-Being

Health is a top priority, especially for people on a rigorous routine. There’s no reason to leave health pursuits behind during a vacation at V Collection Resorts. Work up a sweat at the air-conditioned fitness center. Have a zen moment when you do yoga on the beach. Join a game of beach volleyball. Take a pilates class and feel your muscle relax. Try water aerobics for an incredible low-impact workout. Feel the burn in your calves after a long stroll along the shore. Keep up with your daily run at the jogging track. Pamper yourself at the natural spa. It’s all about feeling healthy and alive in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic!

Learn Something Exciting and New

Who says you can’t teach an old dog a few new tricks? You’re never too old to learn something fresh and exciting. Did you always want to make killer cocktails at parties? Take a mixology class and sample your intoxicating concoctions. Are you looking to add some spice to your recipe collection? Pick up some mouthwatering ideas at a cooking class. From diving lessons to learning how to paddleboard, come home with a skill or experience you never had before.

Visit the Excursions Desk

While Viva Wyndham V Samaná is the ultimate destination for adults, there’s more to see in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic. Visit the excursions desk to plan unforgettable adventures that’ll make you want to come back for more. Guests traveling from January to March can go on the amazing Semana humpback whale watching tour. Take a guided horseback ride to the top of the El Limon waterfall and go for a swim in the refreshing natural pool. Feel the adrenaline rush during a zip lining tour at El Valle Beach. Explore lush tropical trails during the Semana Safari Adventure. Let our excursion experts help you find the perfect experience during your stay.

Do Nothing At All

It’s a fast-paced world filled with agendas, schedules, and reminders. An adults-only vacation is a golden opportunity to be irresponsible for a few days. Forget about making plans and see where the day takes you. Graze on a buffet breakfast or lunch. Settle into a bubbling Jacuzzi. Sip cocktails at the bar and chat with friends. Stroll along the shore and listen to the call of seabirds. Feel the silky sand and salty Caribbean sea beneath your feet. Lay back on a lounge chair and soak up the sunshine. When you escape the hectic pace of home, it feels great to do nothing at all!

These are just six of the many ways adults have a fantastic time in Las Terrenas Dominican Republic. V Collection Resorts offers an array of enticing all-inclusive amenities to make your vacation special. With no tipping, no reservations, and no hassles, it’s the best way to rejuvenate while you settle into the warm vibe of a Caribbean oasis.