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Things to Do in Mexico

August 15, 2019

Ten Things to Do In Mexico for Active Seniors

After working hard for decades, retirees deserve to have the time of their lives. With so many fun things to do in Mexico, seniors are heading to this magical oasis for endless fun in the sun. From a pampering spa day to snorkeling with tropical fish, find out what the savviest seniors are doing with their free time.

Make a Splash at the Pool

The warm weather in Mexico makes it a mecca for dedicated swimmers. Cool off by taking a dip at the resort swimming pool. Let the water refresh your body and clear your mind. When you are done, stretch out on one of the lounge chairs to dry off and consider your next move. There’s never a dull moment during an all-inclusive stay at Viva Resorts in Mexico!

Jog Along the Shore

Swimming in the pool is a taste of what’s to come at the beach. Taste the salt on your lips as you walk along the turquoise waters of paradise. The magic of Mexico envelops you as you walk out of the water and onto the warm coastline. Jog along the shore, feeling the soft sand under your feet and the warm sun on your face while seabirds call above Jogging has never been more enjoyable.

Explore the Underwater World

Want to take your waterfront enthusiasm to the next level? Explore the untouched wonders of the underwater world. Go snorkeling and swim with schools of rainbow fish, or go deeper by taking diving lessons during your stay. After an introductory lesson, you’ll be ready to explore the depths of the sea like Jacques Cousteau!

Rejuvenate at the Spa

A day at the beach leaves you feeling exhausted but happy. Rejuvenate yourself for the action-packed days ahead by getting pampered at the spa. Take some time for a holistic experience at Renova Spa at Viva Wyndham Azteca. Close your eyes as you refresh your body, mind, and spirit in this healing environment. Then open them up after a soothing spa day to consider a host of irresistible activities for fun-loving seniors!

Kayak to Make Amazing Discoveries

Kayaks quietly glide you to the remote corners of Mexico, where you can discover the timeless wonders that make this country a traveler’s delight. Soak up the magical joy of nature as the waves lap the shore, and lush plants sway to the rhythm of the sea breeze.

Play Beach Volleyball

Do you remember the days of playing volleyball at school and the beach? Bring those memories to life again when you get your game on in Mexico! Join in on a lively match set of beach volleyball already in progress or dare to start your own. Either way, it’s an ideal opportunity to see if you can still serve like a pro.

Head to the Gym

Many active seniors spend several days a week at the gym and worry about interrupting their routine during a vacation. At Viva Wyndham Resorts, guests have access to a well-equipped gym and plenty of challenging fitness classes. Whether you want to pump iron or take stretching classes, the gym is a place where fitness and fun rule!

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Mexico

Few seniors can resist the chance to get a bird’s eye view of magical Mexico – and windsurfing is the perfect way to do it! Forget about chartering a plane or looking at photos of the captivating coast from the perspective of someone else. Fly through the air with the greatest of ease when you try windsurfing. Feel the freedom of harnessing the power of the wind to soar above the majestic vistas of Mexico. You’ll never want to come back down!

Sail Into the Sunset

Many old movies end with people disappearing into the sunset. Make it happen by taking a sunset sail at the resort. Natural forces propel your boat through the water while the wind caresses your hair and cools your warm skin. Remember to bring snacks and sunscreen for a day you’ll treasure for a years to come!

Dance All Night

Few people can forget the partying days of their youth, when they drank, laughed, and danced until the wee hours. Relive those nights inside at the resort disco, the hottest destination for cold cocktails and all-night dancing. Sip specialty cocktails, nibble on tasty snacks, and party all night long. After all, that’s what retirement is all about!

Are you ready to take the plunge into all the pleasures Mexico has to offer? Look no further than all-inclusive Viva Resorts, where there are countless things to do in Mexico. Adventurous seniors will never have a dull moment during their stay, with plenty of memories to fuel the desire to come back and do it again!