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V is for vibrant

Travel is about new experiences. It’s about relaxation. And, at Viva Wyndham V Samaná’s all natural spa, it’s about total renewal of mind, body and spirit.

The modern design of this full service spa melds with the surrounding tropical forest. Stone, wood and other local materials provide the utmost relaxation and unique design.

You’ll feel a unique sense of place that is thoroughly integrated with nature. Experience a body wrap or exfoliation treatment, then emerge rejuvenated from a natural massaging rainwater shower. Private indoor and outdoor cabins accommodate individuals and couples.

Complete relaxation

It’s all about that

The spa steam rooms each feature a unique ethnic theme. Luxuriate and revive in the herb and flower infused waters of an Indian soaking tub. Complete your experience in the central resting area and plunge pool with soothing, invigorating jet streams. Rehydrate and replenish with complimentary fresh chilled coconut water served in the coconut itself.


Special Rituals:

  • Coconut Whispers: Strengthen your body with our most sacred ritual under the Vichy shower. This treatment takes place in our Caribbean cabin where we stimulate an invigorating and moisturizing sensation for the body. Duration: 80 minutes | $135 USD per person *Prices do not include 18% tax and 10% service.
  • Hide and Seek Ritual: The ritual begins with a steam bath made with sea water, herbs and flower essences that help clear the airways and release impurities from the lymphatic system. Duration: 70 minutes | $110 USD *Prices do not include 18% tax and 10% service.

A complete menu of spa services is available, including massages, mani-pedi, facials, and body wraps. Our therapists use rubs, oils and aromatherapy scents crafted from natural ingredients right in our “spa kitchen.”



  • Samana Stones: One of our most relaxing treatments! This treatment uses different stones from the Samaná Rivers at different temperatures, energy-laden from freshwater. Duration: 60 minutes | $110USD Duration: 80 minutes | $140 USD *Prices do not include 18% tax and 10% service.
  • Holistic Caribbean: In this ritual we combine relaxing, deep-tissue and energizing techniques with a rich combination of essential herbs and citric oils in order to guarantee a complete harmony between the skin and the senses. Duration: 30 minutes | $45 USD Duration: 50 minutes | $70 USD Duration: 80 minutes | $100 USD *Prices do not include 18% tax and 10% service.